Saturday, May 2, 2009

Burning Wild by Christine Feehan

Let me preface my review by saying that the first paranormal romance I ever read was Dark Desire by Christine Feehan. Before that book I was not too interested in vampires as sexual creatures. It goes almost without saying that my feelings quickly changed. Although there have been some repetitiousness in Feehan's recent work she is still an auto buy for me. Burning Wild did not change that.

Characters: The main characters were well fleshed out and their motives were believable. Emma was sweet but not so much that you felt a toothache coming. Jake was just as ruthless as a thousand Feehan heroes before (though is it me or are Feehan's men getting more and more ruthless) so no surprises in the main character department. There were some secondary characters that I wished had been given more space, although Burning Wild is a hefty tome already at 443 pages. The villians or "the enemies" as Jake calls them are completely cartoonish. There is no simmering menace, no carefully hidden agandas. The villians offer no surprises or twists.

Plot: The lack of a good villian made the plot stagnate in areas. While watching Jake battle his demons and Emma battle her feelings for Jake was pleasant, there did need to be given the boost of good suspense.

Pros: Oooh did I forget to mention the sex? Feehan's sex scenes are getting hotter all the time. Since Dark Possession, Feehan has been turning up the meter in the bedroom, or on the desk (read Burning Wild for the allusion hehe). The description of Emma's first change was also a plus, Feehan almost made me feel the wild taking over.

Cons: This is another is it me. But is it me or are romance authors starting to curse alot. By alot I mean far more than normal people actually curse. Jake cursed almost every sentence. I almost wanted Emma to wash his mouth out it got so bad. I'm all for a few dirty words in a hot moment, but Feehan took it to a very unsexy point. Also Jake's initial reaction to a traumatic situation concerning Emma had this book in arm slung back wall banger position, but I trudged through and I'm glad I did.

Is this love worth the sale? Certainly if you're a fan of Feehan and like a ruthless, dominating hero. If not, give this love a pass.


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